Thursday, December 1, 2011

Big News!

We (C & I) have managed to create a teeny tiny ball of cells!  Half his, half mine, and we are FREAKING ECSTATIC!!! So we haven't really told anyone outside of our family and close friends that we were leaving ourselves open to having another baby, trying really isn't the right word.  We "tried" the first two months. Holy buckets did that feel like work. Sex, not supposed to be work, totally got THAT memo.  I told C that we were done "trying".  He said "Thank God".

So we stopped trying, and simply began enjoying each other again.  Two months later, Viola! I got up and POAS this morning, set it on the cabinet and went back to bed. I was tired, and I was pretty sure it was too early for it to be positive.  So when I got up to get ready to meet my dad at the hospital for surgery (I'll get to that in a moment), I checked the stick and this is what I saw

Uber faint I know, but I looked, and looked again, then went running back into the bedroom and flipped the light on.  Woke C up, all squinty eyed and shoved it in his face saying "SEE, SEE the line!!"  He replied, "um, no, not really, um I can't tell, cuz I can't see, cuz I'm SLEEPING" So I took the stick away and tried my darndest to pee again, both the shower and the sink turned on to help, ten minutes later, not happenin.  Downstairs for breakfast then, and back upstairs to get ready.  Finally had to pee, so I got out what I thought was just a regular clear blue easy, turned out it wasn't just a regular, it was digital!!!  Figured, well, this is gonna be a for sure, or not, no trying to discern a line.  So....

No foolin, we did it! 

C is happy, and reserved.  He is my mister logic.  He's concerned about how early it is and that we're still at a high risk for loss.  He throws numbers, and percentages at me.  I full well understand this.  But I have learned to love what I have been given for as long as I can.  I can only enjoy this moment for as long as it lasts.  I will try my best not to worry until I've got something to worry about.  I also can't promise you that tomorrow I will be able to hold it together, so as always, one day, sometimes one hour, at a time.

Now onto dad.  Has had an area on his abdomen from a previous surgery that was simply not healing.  This had happened before, and there was an abscessed stitch which they had to remove.  So I was figuring it was the same thing again.  It turned out I was right, stitch removed, dad sewn up, and onward we go.  

Lets talk about knitting! This week I have been working on my last sisters socks, and they have come this far

They are kind of flying along as it is a wonderfully simple pattern of K, K2TOG, and YO.  :)

I also sat down on a night I was able to get off of work and did this

A gift for a friend who's having a baby supposedly around christmas, but the baby I do believe has other plans, as in her doctor doesn't think she'll make it to Sunday.  But that's ok, because the hat she wants to bring him home in is now done.

So while at the hospital today I cast on another one for my great nephew who is 8 months old. It knits up so fast I just couldn't resist.  It's Santa Hat for Babies from Ravelry of course.  I used Caron Simply Soft in Autum Red, and White, and then a white eyelash yarn that I promptly lost the ball band to.

I also got to play Wilderness Woman and spent almost 2 hours grinding up some of the deer that my lovely C shot this year.  He brought home both a male and a female, which hung for a week and aged.  Oh my, my, my that is some of the tenderest venison I have ever had.  Let me say that I feel extraordinarily blessed that I have a man who is able to resourcefully put meat on our table (he also cooks it, bless him).  As he pointed out, the initial investment in the gun and such is significant, but for the hundreds of pounds we put away each year, I am ever so grateful.  (more money for yarn right? ssssshhhh)

Just to give you an idea of the size of my kettle. That session yielded 24 pounds of ground.  We're still not done butchering them both yet.

 *Sidenote: the cords in the background of this picture is why *I* should not be put in charge of the electronics. Just sayin.

And here, is Mow.  Mow loves, and by loves I do mean LOVES to lay on my yarn.  If I happen to get up and walk away, I will bet the bank that if he's awake, and see's the abandon'd yarn, he will be on it lickety split.  He also doesn't mind laying on the yarn if I'm actively knitting with it.

I also had a knock down drag out fight/phone call with my middle sister the day after Thanksgiving.  Yes, that would be the same one who made me go pound wood just three day prior.  Again, I won't get into the dirty details, suffice to say that I will no longer be attending family functions in which she is present, I will gladly celebrate the holiday's with my mother and father at a later date.  C is super excited as this now means all scheduled holidays will be spent with his family. (he totally had a shit eatin grin on his face and did a happy dance).  After I got off the phone with her, I promptly went outside, with my protective eyewear, and beat the heck out of the log again. *sigh*  My friend Kim pointed out to me that what does it say about our relationship if I am driven to the point of going out and beating up a poor piece of wood after dealings with her.  I've just decided, that blood relation or no, life is too damn short to me that stressed out, and that upset.

I'll close with a couple of quick family photos, the first is us preparing for the family photo, the second is my sisters, mom, and my niece (by marriage god love her, she's the youngest blond, third from the left, the one who's look says, I'm so happy I don't have to live with these people) Also, let me just say that the second photo is not staged.  Its just my sisters at their most typical. :) Enjoy.