Thursday, October 6, 2011

The beginning

I knit because it brings me peace, because I create something of beauty with my hands, two sticks and some string.  It passes the time while I wait, it calms my nerves when I'm on edge, it quiets my mind when the wheels just won't stop turning.  I just finished a hat for my father, to date it has been my fastest completed project, a little over 48 hours and it was done. I used Malabrigo Rios in the colorway 850 Archangel, and the pattern Hive Hat which I downloaded free from Ravelry which is hands down my favorite pattern site.

I just started on my third pair of christmas socks, by the way, by christmas I mean LAST christmas.  I have three pairs of socks and two more hats to go, and then I'll be caught up.  And today, I ordered two baby tulip sweater kits.  I love the kits that Finger Lakes Fibers have put together.  I got both the Monet and the Summer Lake kits, and also the pattern for the small hat shown above the Monet sweater.  For now I'm going to run, my cord to my MacBook Pro is frayed, and finally took a crap.  Thankfully they have one in stock at my local apple store.

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  1. Cute hat :) I just love Ravelry spend wAaaay to much time looking through projects there, but it sure has helped my knitting!